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A Strange Behavior of the Behavior, by Protyv & kirā キラー, is an EP of three songs 1 – Sensorial 2 – Dazzle 3 – Courage

Sensorial. “…when you want to see Aurora Boreal, it’s not just a matter of wanting to see, but also of wanting to feel. The smell, the touch and the hearing, you can’t find it, but you feel it. And that’s when sensory behavior arises when you don’t see what you feel and you always feel what you see..”

Dazzle. “…is the greatest virtue of the music we hear, sing and create.
Those who listen believe, those who sing explain and those who create build their behavior and that of others.”

Courage. “…is more than Attitude.When you feel you’ve got the real Courage… you want much more. Courage is always Courage. The main Behavior”

Portland based musician, Michael Douglas Wilson created Dittomaster, an electroclash music project. His project aims to create music that is frenetic, energetic, danceable, raw, experimental and fun.
Debut single “Happy Hour” is dedicated to SDD – Social Distance Dancing.

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1Hit 1Der is Saving the day one party at a time.

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Hitrocker wants to create music which you can “always” hear and thinks house/deep house is the best genre.

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